Limestone Cave, Baratang Islands

Limestone cave is situated in Baratang Island. It is a natural wonder of Andaman. The visitors can reach the cave by boat ride. It will be the adventurous trip while passing through the blue water and mangroves. The limestone cave is made up of calcium carbonate which is hanging from the roof of the caves. While entering to the cave it become dark, you can see with the help of torchlight. This is one of the most tourist attraction in Baratang islands. Visitors can advise to wear a good set of shoes because the way to the cave is not easy to walk.

Mud volcano

Volcano is located in Baratang Island. It is one of the main attraction for the tourist in Andaman islands. The volcano is nearer to Baratang jetty (Middle Andaman). This is also called the natural wonders of the earth. This mud volcano is the only volcano in the entire South Asia region.

Parrot island

It is located in Baratang at a distance of 30km. Visitors can reach by boat from Baratang me try. One can see thousands of parrots. There are different varieties of parrot in this island. So, the island is called Parrot Island.

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