About Havelock Island - Swaraaj Dweep

Radhanagar beach:

It is located in Havelock Island. Haddock is one of the most popular islands to the tourist. It takes 2-4 hrs by ferry from Port Blair. Radhanagar beach is one of the Asia's best beaches in 2004 by the TIME Magazine. The beach is long stretched white sandy beach. This beach is perfect for sunbath. Wooden chairs are provided for sunbath near the beach where one can enjoy the waving sea.

Kalapathar Beach

It is situated on the corner of Havelock. This beach is also known as beach no.5. There is a narrow path through the green jungle. The water is blue which look beautiful. It is a long stretched of white silky sand with big black rocks so be careful while going into the water. The local people sell coconut water. Travellers should carry your personal needs because there are no other facilities.

Elephant Beach

It is situated at one corner of Havelock Island. Visitors can reach by boat where you can enjoy the coloured water, mild waves and naked trees is one of the spectacular beach of Havelock Islands. It is also popular for snorkelling and gives a peaceful surrounding. October to May is the best time to visit. Elephant beach to enjoy the natural beauty of the island. This beach is also an ideal for picnic and for the nature lovers.

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